Who is themariabonita?

-themariabonita's birthday is on October 2, 2015-

themariabonita is a place that I decided to create in order to keep a record of my thoughts, ideas, photographs and valuable moments. At the beginning I was uncertain about this project because even though I am a outgoing person on social events, during my day to day life I enjoy privacy, peace, solitude and quite time. I do laugh a lot, That is one thing that stays the same. Sometimes I even laugh at myself while I am writing something personal and suddenly it gets corny. Other times I get extremely hyper and do insta-stories (the extremely hyper moments don't happen regularly so when I upload insta-stories believe me,  it's something.)

I love themariabonita because it is a space where I can share my creative side and at the same time I am able to keep my personal life private. Themariabonita has become my creative outlet, somewhere I simply just ramble on freely about style, thoughts, art and photography.  I am very excited to meet more interesting and talented people along the way. 

Laura Rendón

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