If you have sisters or best friends, You know that when you were younger creating jewelry was a total must. I can say me and my sisters were big fans of creating our bracelets. When we were younger we had a Do-it-Yourself kit and played with it for hours. It was so much fun and interesting since we are all very different and we always created unalike jewelry that worked with different outfits.

Ironically this brings us to our Ingenious fashion discovery. Sisters Alexa, Michela, Nicole and Natalien began designing bracelets as a hobby. After a while of creating beautiful goods they discovered their passion in designing jewelry. Therefore they created their own label where they have been designing dazzling pieces. Alex Mika Jewelry carries a variety of designs because each piece reflects their unique style and personality.

Alex Mika jewelry is a total must have. The pieces will make you sparkle and be in-style with any outfit. Fashion bloggers have been wearing them none stop. Editors have been writing about them and buyers have been buying. We adore their edgy vibe and that the styles are easy to mix and match. With these styles and amazing success they have a great fan base of Celebrities, Fashion Bloggers and Trendsetters.

We all deserve to sparkle and ALEX MIKA JEWERLY will make sure you do.