A rollecoaster is an understatement when talking about this designer. She has been low and high, up and down and side to side..but on every turn she always manage to create interesting and creative styles for her brand. Lately we have been acknowledging many pieces of her collection however there is a particular department of her brand that we are going crazy for. Of course it had to be the shoe department. She has been creating styles that are exciting and fab to wear with every single outfit. 

Aside from her amazing shoe collection this designer has given us a bizarre update on her lifestyle.We all know she is always working in something new and different to amaze us. Elle Décor has given us some stylish décor news about this designer. She has created a special home in Mexico available through Airbnb for her fans and customers. This home is as creative as her designs, It is fascinating. Full of bright colors and amazing views. She obviously added her special and unique sparkle to the whole house in order to let others experience her amazing vibe.

She has also shared a delightful detail of her life where she mentions that when she was younger she always ended up in Mexico because of their amazing people and their gorgeous artwork. Well isn't that something we all agree on?! :)

In conclusion our fashionable and ingenious human being is multi-talented designer Betsey Johnson.
Abdul Ortiz photo for  Elle Décor