FACT : High end fashion bloggers have photographers ( and pay $$ high end $$ for them too )  

Photographers are the most important part of creating amazing & unique content. Obviously if you are starting your blog you need to get creative and work with what you have like styling your outfit, using a tripod, setting the timer, and running to strike a pose. And it works, I have read about many bloggers who used this technique when starting and now they are big shots, one of them is Margaret Zhang. She had a tripod, great eye, good timer, great style & amazing poses. She has nearly a million followers on Instagram and amazing content on her website shinebythree. In her beginnings as a fashion blogger she took the photos herself, and maybe sometimes she still does... but now she (obviously) has amazing, talented and high end photographers working with her.

High end photographers are a MUST in the fashion world. Without them we wouldn't get to feel the outfits, the style and the vibe of each piece of clothing. Peter LindberghBruce Weber, David Bailey and much more high end photographers are a great example of the importance of great content. Content that literally makes you or breaks you ......and that lives forever. So if you are a model, a fashion designer or a blogger... would you email them and ask for pictures with the lowest budget possible? HA, if you do please don't and if you don't THANK YOU. 

Photographers capture so much and transmit even more through their work.It's is truly great art. So, this brings me to my most recent news on fashion photographers and bloggers. A few months ago I discovered a fashion photographer on Instagram. Seriously the moment I saw his work my first thought was I need to save up and contact him when I can afford his amazing talent and eye for style. His Name is Moeez, he has great content, amazing people in his photos and gorgeous fashion. Seriously you can feel the clothing, the styles and the high couture vibe in all his photos. On his Instastories today he shared something that seriously moved me, and not in a happy way --> A high end blogger offered him a job, to travel with her and take pictures of her and her outfits, for the saddest amount ever. I understand we all have budgets, but if you are a huge blogger, massive followers and great content.. why would you offer so little for a picture that is worth so much

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 "Annoyingly stylish kid after Calvin Klein." -Moeez
          Erika Boldrin 
Anna Wintour 

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