I believe we all have something that makes us look forward to each day, month , year and eventually to life. I believe that thing is called passion. My passion is fashion..what a cliche I know, but it's true. Since I was little I used to cut my jeans and "create" tops, they were never a success and my mother wasn't very happy about it. As I grew older I discovered this eternal excitement for clothing, and fabrics in a more serious manner. It started when I had to buy a dress for certain events and NOTHING made me happy. I was always looking for different things like certain kind of colors, certain kind of fabrics, a variety of details but mostly art in my clothing. I was and still am so detailed when searching for a piece of clothing for myself, I like to feel something beautiful when I see it, like I mentioned before, just like art. 

So, the good part of this is that I found my passion. The not so good part of this is that the thing that I love so much in clothing is creativity that eventually is art. And when a collection is filled with art and creativity 99% of the time, it will be expensive because creating these styles are far from easy or cheap. But if you love it as much as I do it is totally worth it. On this post I will share with you my favorite designs for this season, a link underneath with the direct link in case you feel like shopping these amazing pieces. 




rosie assoulin


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