A brand that was build as sportswear, grew into femininity and was developed amazingly through the one and only...Anne Klein. When the company looses this creative soul and mind, the brand goes crazy. They've had designers come and go, with no theme in their collections and creative directors all over the place with no direction. After her, the brand was never  the same and it lost the essence she worked so hard to maintain. In that time you may want to think of Anne Klein as a closet full of clothing with nothing to wear. The styles were there, but the uniqueness everyone wanted to wear was not.

A few months ago we stumbled upon their instagram account, and oh my we were surprised. The designs are to love everyday and wear everywhere. And can be styled in several shapes and forms! My favorite is casual dinners, high heels or a night out. The content and the creative direction of the brand is stunning. The creative mind behind this has brought back to life the essence of Anne Klein. 

Two years ago this creative and talented soul arrived to the midtown offices. This office did not have any kind of logo, or anything that advised that she was in the correct place. The office was alone, with no creative team, no design team.. no nothing. Just her and her creative mind. 

Rebranding, Rebuilding, Recreating the essence of Anne Klein can't be easy but their current creative director is absolutely doing it. They have been doing this so great that the first day we discovered their new collection and creative direction we bought a top that we styled with a Zara skirt. You must have. 

Anne Klein is back, back in the fashion world, back in the must have styles, back as in Sharon Lombardo Back.