As usual, we love the unusual

A Spanish luxury fashion house based in Madrid has shared with us a beautiful bag that is made for you and me. If you love creative and unusual styles this is for you! Jonathan Anderson is the designer behind these amazing styles and collections. He is an unusual designer yet extremely interesting. He is one of the few designers who creates collections for men AND women in less than a minute. Now, you must know that I adore elephants; my house has elephants all over. #lit

Elephants make my heart skip a beat and after reading the meaning behind these amazing animals I felt more in love with them!! Elephants are a symbol of love and their meaning deals with strength, honor, stability and tenacity among other attributes. The Hindu believe elephants are god luck, fortune, protection and a blessing upon all new projects. 

So, with this being said and taking in consideration how much I love elephants I will now buy these beautiful elephants bags so I can be full of energy and positive vibes every-day-all-day! 

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