Tea & Style

“There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.”

I must admit I have an obsession with tea and style. For me, these two things are the best of both worlds simply because they bring the best out of me. I strongly believe we must surround ourselves with things that make us feel passionate and excited about life. Styling a simple tee shirt makes my heart race and my creative mind adores the feeling. While tea makes my heart warm it also gives me time to contemplate about fashion in a calm and relaxing manner. 

Normally when I need - time out - of so much work, life or simply daily routines I go to my safe place start sketching, play my favorite 1950s-60s songs, a cup of tea and of course my styling mind. Somehow I figured out that the simple pleasures of life are extremely personal and unique. They are not better or worse they are simply YOUR'S. I invite you to embrace your favorite things, to embrace your passion and above all to always and forever defend the things that make your heart warm and your mind happy. 


Tee from ZARA
Shoes Steve Madden
Sunnies RAY BAN

KEY pieces to style more than ONCE

Layers are a great way to make your outfit stand out from the rest. On this post I am sharing with you my favorite outfits of several fashion weeks in London, Milan and New York. These styles have a unique vibe because every stylist created layers which made their look personal. 

When you create layers you personalize the piece , no matter who is wearing the same top...because if you layered it good and styled it amazing you make it your own. On the bottom of each photo I will comment the piece that I consider a good add to any closet in order to create cool layers. 


El usar varias prendas en un solo atuendo es padrísimo, ya que tu outfit siempre tendrá un toque único  que describirá tu gusto personal. En este post les compartiré varios de mis outfits favoritos que están compuestos de varias prendas. La mayoría de estas fotos son de varios fashion weeks en Milan, Londres o Nueva York. 

El crear tu propio look agregándole prendas o accesorios hace que te valga queso si alguien se puso la misma camisa que tu, ya que tu look esta super personalizado con tus accesorios o con las prendas que le hayas agregado. En cada una de las fotos les compartiré lo que yo considero esencial para poder crear un look cool con "layers"

1. A dress with details - Un vestido con detalles

Things you need to create this look ( And more ) 
 Cosas que necesitas en tu closet para crea este estilo 

- High waist belt - Cinto
- Casual stripe top - Camisa de rayas 
- Dress with neutral details - Vestido con detalles neutros   

2. Gym pants / Pantalones para hacer ejercicio   

Things you need to create this look ( And more ) 
 Cosas que necesitas en tu closet para crea este estilo 

- Gym pants - Pantalones para hacer ejercicio 
- White turtle neck - Suéter blanco con cuello de tortuga 
- Red heels - Tacones rojos 

3. Night dress for day time 

Things you need to create this look ( And more ) 
 Cosas que necesitas en tu closet para crea este estilo

- Statement dark sunnies - Lentes obscuros
- Mini handbag for brunch - Bolsa para desayunos
-Dress that can be used for night or day - Vestido que puedas usar de noche y de dia

4. Sweaters on sweaters - Capas de sueter

Things you need to create this look ( And more ) 
 Cosas que necesitas en tu closet para crea este estilo

- Sweaters / Jackets with pastel colors - Sueter de color pastel 
- Solid fun color heels - Tacones de un solo color
-High waist jeans/pants - Jeans altos en cintura 

5. Summer dress - Vestido de Verano 

Things you need to create this look ( And more ) 
 Cosas que necesitas en tu closet para crea este estilo

- Your favorite tee / Tu cams blanca favorita 
- Summer casual strap dress / Vestido blanco con tirantitos
-Small black bag / Bolsa negra 

6. Enormous cape / Capa gigante

Things you need to create this look ( And more ) 
 Cosas que necesitas en tu closet para crea este estilo

- Front and back cape - Una prenda queen parezca / sea capa haha
- Skinny jeans 
-Strap Heels - Tacones de tirantes 

 7. Oversized everything - Tres tallas mas

Things you need to create this look ( And more ) 
 Cosas que necesitas en tu closet para crea este estilo

- Oversized tee shirt - Camisa que este super grande
- Leggings 
- Cool , trendy sneakers / Tennis cools 


Things you need to create this look ( And more ) 
 Cosas que necesitas en tu closet para crea este estilo

- See through heels / Tacones transparentes
- Mini arty dress / Vestido cortito
- Black Turtle Neck - Cuello de Tortuga obscuro 

This is my favorite look for today. I personally love mini dresses with a creative touch and I love them MORE when they are layered. The heels give the look a unique vibe and the turtle neck a personal touch. 

With every piece from each look you can re create each outfit 100 times. 


In my opinion every closet should have ten statement pieces. Having these statement pieces ready to add to any outfit makes everything so much easier and faster to get dressed in the morning.
When you are rushing out to work and need OR want to add some life to your outfit, just choose one of those pieces and " ta - da" you have a personalized outfit!

One of my must have statement piece is high rise anything; like skirts - shorts - pants or jeans. These are key pieces to any look because you can style them with everything and achieve a stylish, chill and at the same time glam vibe.

These statement pieces can be worn with as simple white tee and mules, or glam top and cool sneakers or tank top and some cute heels. My all time favorite stylist and fashion guru Leandra Medine from Man Repeller. These are some of her outfits that inspired me to create my high rise looks!

Enjoy!!!! ( & if this inspired you to create your looks please share :)


En mi opinión nuestro armario debería de tener diez piezas claves que definan nuestro propio estilo. Al incorporar estas diez piezas a tu armario te facilitas mucho las mañanas ya que el proceso de crear tu outfit se vuelve mucho mas rápido y eficaz. Definitivamente una de las piezas que no puede faltar en mi armario es todo lo que sea alto de cintura; ya sea faldas, jeans, pantalones o shorts. Estas prendas son claves para crear un outfit único y con mucho estilo. Uno de los looks que mas me gusta es jeans de alta cintura, una camisa sencilla blanca y unos zapatos estilos Aladino. :) haha Puedes hacer muchos estilos con una sola prenda. También puedes usar un top elegante, con unos tennis padres y tu pieza de alta cintura.

Una de mis estilistas favoritas es Leandra Medine, Hoy decidí compartirles los estilos que ella ha creado con piezas de alta cintura; Estilos que me han inspirado a crear los míos.

Espero y lo disfruten !!

Besos!! ( Si te gusto o inspiro a crear tus propios looks comparte :)

As usual, we love the unusual

A Spanish luxury fashion house based in Madrid has shared with us a beautiful bag that is made for you and me. If you love creative and unusual styles this is for you! Jonathan Anderson is the designer behind these amazing styles and collections. He is an unusual designer yet extremely interesting. He is one of the few designers who creates collections for men AND women in less than a minute. Now, you must know that I adore elephants; my house has elephants all over. #lit

Elephants make my heart skip a beat and after reading the meaning behind these amazing animals I felt more in love with them!! Elephants are a symbol of love and their meaning deals with strength, honor, stability and tenacity among other attributes. The Hindu believe elephants are god luck, fortune, protection and a blessing upon all new projects. 

So, with this being said and taking in consideration how much I love elephants I will now buy these beautiful elephants bags so I can be full of energy and positive vibes every-day-all-day! 

Shop Good Vibes 



Say hello to the most feminine, festive, and—effortlessly—elegant pieces for this summer. This fashion designer has our suitcase done for our next vacation. She has created the most stunning and classy bathing suits.. AND as if this wasn't enough she also designs amazing pieces to wear for dinner after a long day at the beach. This fashion designer has your whole wardrobe ready to go!

There is a certain 1950's glimpse in her designs. Her pieces are elegant and have a bit sensuous vibe, just like some of our favorite designers Jacques Fath, Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain and Coco Chanel. They all have that sophisticated vibe that lead to stunning pieces. One fine day Evangelie Smyrniotaki had a meeting with several editors and buyers, in this meeting she decided to wear one of these amazing pieces. She sat in her chair and instead of a hello she received who are you wearing? She answered and from there the rest is history for Johanna Ortiz. 

Johanna Ortiz is from Colombia and produces every piece in her hometown. She has said in several interviews that nature and french women inspire her work. French women inspire her very much because they have the ability to wear menswear in a unique feminine manner. Johanna designs are playful, summery, elegant and timeless. Her pieces can be found in high end retail stores.

Via Instagram Johanna Ortiz