Say hello to the most feminine, festive, and—effortlessly—elegant pieces for this summer. This fashion designer has our suitcase done for our next vacation. She has created the most stunning and classy bathing suits.. AND as if this wasn't enough she also designs amazing pieces to wear for dinner after a long day at the beach. This fashion designer has your whole wardrobe ready to go!

There is a certain 1950's glimpse in her designs. Her pieces are elegant and have a bit sensuous vibe, just like some of our favorite designers Jacques Fath, Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain and Coco Chanel. They all have that sophisticated vibe that lead to stunning pieces. One fine day Evangelie Smyrniotaki had a meeting with several editors and buyers, in this meeting she decided to wear one of these amazing pieces. She sat in her chair and instead of a hello she received who are you wearing? She answered and from there the rest is history for Johanna Ortiz. 

Johanna Ortiz is from Colombia and produces every piece in her hometown. She has said in several interviews that nature and french women inspire her work. French women inspire her very much because they have the ability to wear menswear in a unique feminine manner. Johanna designs are playful, summery, elegant and timeless. Her pieces can be found in high end retail stores.

Via Instagram Johanna Ortiz


 A rollecoaster is an understatement when talking about this designer. She has been low and high, up and down and side to side..but on every turn she always manage to create interesting and creative styles for her brand. Lately we have been acknowledging many pieces of her collection however there is a particular department of her brand that we are going crazy for. Of course it had to be the shoe department. She has been creating styles that are exciting and fab to wear with every single outfit. 

Aside from her amazing shoe collection this designer has given us a bizarre update on her lifestyle.We all know she is always working in something new and different to amaze us. Elle Décor has given us some stylish décor news about this designer. She has created a special home in Mexico available through Airbnb for her fans and customers. This home is as creative as her designs, It is fascinating. Full of bright colors and amazing views. She obviously added her special and unique sparkle to the whole house in order to let others experience her amazing vibe.

She has also shared a delightful detail of her life where she mentions that when she was younger she always ended up in Mexico because of their amazing people and their gorgeous artwork. Well isn't that something we all agree on?! :)

In conclusion our fashionable and ingenious human being is multi-talented designer Betsey Johnson.
Abdul Ortiz photo for  Elle Décor


If you have sisters or best friends, You know that when you were younger creating jewelry was a total must. I can say me and my sisters were big fans of creating our bracelets. When we were younger we had a Do-it-Yourself kit and played with it for hours. It was so much fun and interesting since we are all very different and we always created unalike jewelry that worked with different outfits.

Ironically this brings us to our Ingenious fashion discovery. Sisters Alexa, Michela, Nicole and Natalien began designing bracelets as a hobby. After a while of creating beautiful goods they discovered their passion in designing jewelry. Therefore they created their own label where they have been designing dazzling pieces. Alex Mika Jewelry carries a variety of designs because each piece reflects their unique style and personality.

Alex Mika jewelry is a total must have. The pieces will make you sparkle and be in-style with any outfit. Fashion bloggers have been wearing them none stop. Editors have been writing about them and buyers have been buying. We adore their edgy vibe and that the styles are easy to mix and match. With these styles and amazing success they have a great fan base of Celebrities, Fashion Bloggers and Trendsetters.

We all deserve to sparkle and ALEX MIKA JEWERLY will make sure you do.



We all love New York but the moment you are invited by La Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode to show in your simply don't think twice. 

This designer has created collections that are aesthetic, with structure and clean. Several of his collections have been inspired by art, films and his family. His father is French and his mother is Chinese-American. Growing up in this kind of household inspiration may come in many different forms. On top of that, He studied ballet for eight years and has a B.A in Art and Art History. With his background and talent he started off as an intern for Marc Jacobs, freelanced for Proenza Schouler, then apprenticed with pattern-maker Nicolas Caito, was the former head of Rochas atelier, He later returned to Paris working as first assistant to Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci. His first collection was in Fall 2009 and since then he has been creating the most amazing collections.

Not everything has been easy for this designer. We all stumble and have set backs in life, for us reading the kind of events that happen to successful humans before their huge success is so inspiring. One of my favorite stories for this Designer is when he launched his label in 2008. He got a bizarre opportunity to show his FIRST collection to the Vogue editor. He was currently flying back from Paris with a suitcase full of his first collection........which got lost the day before the meeting with Anna Wintour. INSANE! We would be terrified...but thankfully he managed to have a second rare opportunity a week later.  

Last season, He sold utility jackets on and guess what? The jackets were sold out the day they went on sale. So yes, in other words this designer will make much more noise and hopefully many more fabulous pieces.

Ladies and Gentleman Joseph Altuzarra creator of ALTUZARRA.

Joseph, we wish you a romantic & unforgettable Pairs affair at Paris Fashion Week...but please don't forget us. 

New York Fashion Week 



I believe we all have something that makes us look forward to each day, month , year and eventually to life. I believe that thing is called passion. My passion is fashion..what a cliche I know, but it's true. Since I was little I used to cut my jeans and "create" tops, they were never a success and my mother wasn't very happy about it. As I grew older I discovered this eternal excitement for clothing, and fabrics in a more serious manner. It started when I had to buy a dress for certain events and NOTHING made me happy. I was always looking for different things like certain kind of colors, certain kind of fabrics, a variety of details but mostly art in my clothing. I was and still am so detailed when searching for a piece of clothing for myself, I like to feel something beautiful when I see it, like I mentioned before, just like art. 

So, the good part of this is that I found my passion. The not so good part of this is that the thing that I love so much in clothing is creativity that eventually is art. And when a collection is filled with art and creativity 99% of the time, it will be expensive because creating these styles are far from easy or cheap. But if you love it as much as I do it is totally worth it. On this post I will share with you my favorite designs for this season, a link underneath with the direct link in case you feel like shopping these amazing pieces. 




rosie assoulin


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